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Who is SCS Health?
SCS Health was founded by Scott C. Smith in 2007 after 7 years of working in the natural health industry out of a desire to offer a wide range of services and programmes to his clients in a professional clinical setting.

SCS Health is situated at 292 Cameron Rd, Tauranga inside John's Photo Pharmacy.

After suffering from long-standing health complaints Scott trained as a naturopath and medical herbalist and later also trained in The BodyTalk System so he now offers what he believes is the best of both natural and energy medicine. He has seen firsthand the benefits these healing systems have made in his own life and he is passionate about informing and helping others to realise optimal health in theirs.

He is also a keen proponent of integrated medicine having seen the benefits when Orthodox and Complementary medicine work more closely together.

Naturopathy & Medical Herbalism
SCS Health was initially a Naturopathic clinic and this still underlies the fundamental philosophy of this clinic. Naturopathy is an ancient art which focuses on the underlying causes rather than the symptoms of the condition. We believe the body is the greatest healer if merely given the opportunity to heal itself. This is done through lifestyle and dietary changes and additional support of herbs, nutrients, minerals when required. Naturopathy has come a long way from its ancient past and is now taught to high standards with extensive clinical assessment before graduation is allowed.

The BodyTalk System
BodyTalk is a revolutionary form of health care that is so effective because it incorporates the best from science ,medical knowledge and many other healing systems all incorporated with the understanding of the human body’s amazing ability to regenerate and heal, and so can address the whole spectrum of disease. BodyTalk works on the premise that unresolved daily stresses such as toxins, microbes, and emotional and physical traumatic events impact on the body’s ability to move out of stress mode and into healing mode. When these stresses are highlighted, the body’s natural, inbuilt ability to heal itself is activated and improvements are seen in all areas of health. For more information on BodyTalk go to www.bodytalksystem.co.nz

  Testing Services:

Allergenics Allergy Test: This test covers almost 200 different foods, additives and environmental irritants and will show you if you have sensitivities, intolerances or allergies to any of them. Using a hair sample, SCS Health has been using this test for a number of years and has found it to be an accurate indicator for identifying problematic symptoms that have no other apparent cause. From digestive disturbances such as bloating or flatulence to skin reactions, to conditions such as behavioural problems and mental/emotional issues, even general wellbeing such as unexplained fatigue, inability to lose weight, dark circles under eyes, have all been helped by identifying the problem foods, etc. The test takes 3-4wks to get results back.

Hair Mineral Analysis: This is a test that analyses the mineral composition of the hair. Hair analysis has been proven invaluable as clinical results continue to validate its use. When interpreted correctly it can provide indications of mineral imbalances, deficiencies and excesses of many essential and toxic elements. The first 4cm of hair closest to the scalp can provide a good indication of the nutrient and toxic metal exposure over the previous 8-16wks. The test provides a comprehensive report which includes graphs and interpretation of 36 trace elements, also 25 important mineral ratios and a separate doctor’s report with treatment recommendations. A very useful test if one suspects heavy metal exposure or has conditions such as chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, behavioural disorders or nervous system disorders, often also recommended in the preconception programme. The test has to go to Australia so it takes a good 4wks to get results back. 

Gut Toxicity: This is carried out with a small urine sample and gives an indicator as the name suggests of your gut toxicity. Often used to determine the need for detoxification it is also indicated when any symptoms or signs that may indicate some level of digestive disharmony. Also detects leaky gut, bile duct obstruction and poor protein digestion. 

Free Radical Stress: This is a simple, fast and reliable test that is designed to determine the level of free radical stress within the body. Very useful to determine the need for antioxidants, dietary and lifestyle changes, or simply to see how well your antioxidants are working (if you are taking them). For best results first urine sample in the morning is recommended. 

Blood Type: SCS Health has used the blood type diet for a number of years and has found it very useful as a tool to guide clients onto a diet they are more constitutionally suited for. For those people who are not aware of their blood type this is a quick 2 minute test that can instantly and accurately tell you your blood type. 

Zinc Test: A most important mineral for immune health, tissue repair, prostate and reproductive health, etc. This is a quick and easy way to determine what your body stores of zinc are. Commonly deficient this allows a more accurate prescribing regime to restore to optimal levels. 

Hormonal Profiles: A number of tests are available to be sent away off-site to determine specific hormonal profiles which can be helpful in a number of conditions. For more information make enquiries.
Saliva: Progesterone & Testosterone 

Medlab Tests: A range of these tests are all available through our clinic however, because we currently do not qualify for subsidy from the government there is a user pays charge per test. For single tests this may still work out considerably cheaper that paying for a Dr’s consult. 

Programmes Offered:

Integrated Detoxification: SCS Health has used a number of detoxification programmes over the years and has developed a number of different options depending on the needs and health requirements of the client. Ranging from short & intense cleanses to more integrated and comprehensive programmes aimed at deeper toxin removal.

SCS Health considers detoxification as an essential insurance policy in today’s toxic environment. If we service our car 1-2x a year we do it because we know it prolongs its life and makes it run more efficiently and more economically. Our body is no different except we can’t trade it in for a new model if it breaks down. A vital component of healthy vitality and longevity!

Keto Weight Management System: The keto system is a clinically proven programme that requires no drugs or special medication. It uses the body’s own metabolism to burn fat and is safe and easy to follow. It is based on a person gaining a maximum of 10% of calories from low GI (glycaemic index) carbohydrates, 60% of calories from fat and a minimum of 30% calories from protein. This ensures that the body does not produce high levels of insulin and maintains muscle mass. Many diets reduce a person’s weight by depleting their muscle mass which can cause a rebound effect in weight gain and damage the immune system. While on the keto system all our clients are monitored fortnightly on a BIA machine which measures the 5 key cellular markers of aging which includes fat mass and muscle mass so we know if you are losing muscle instead of fat so steps can be taken to prevent this from happening. Incorporates a comprehensive programme guide full of delicious recipes and an exercise programme to give you a complete system.

Preconception Planning: When a baby is born parents will do anything to ensure the welfare and health of their child. What if we said the best thing that any parent could do to give their child the best possible start in life is to actually prepare themselves first for conception and pregnancy.

SCS Health offers a comprehensive programme that is your best insurance policy in truly preparing both partners for a healthy and natural conception and pregnancy. The programme is tailored depending on the needs and requirements of the couple but includes detoxification, nutritional supplementation and counselling. This programme can be utilised also to assist with improving the success of a conception when there have been fertility issues and can be continued during pregnancy offering support throughout leading up to the birth.

Candida Eradication: SCS Health has dealt with a large number of Candida cases over the years in clinical practice, ranging from mild acute cases to severe chronic cases. Throughout this time a protocol has been developed and refined and improved upon, that has resulted in a high success rate when dealing with this often difficult and resistant pathogen. Testing is also available to determine a definitive positive or negative result to Candida.

Wellness: There doesn’t have to be something wrong with you to come to SCS Health. You may just want to make sure you are doing everything you should be to maintain wellness so you can age with vitality and have healthy longevity. Basically what we are talking about here is still having a high standard of quality of life as we move on in years. Don’t think you have to be of retired age to go onto the Wellness Programme though, you are never too young (or old) to start this. With the support of integrating naturopathic medicine with the BodyTalk System you have an exciting combination of healing tools at your disposal.



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Medical Herbalist, Chartered Naturopath, Certified Bodytalk Practitioner

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