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I prefer my clients to have "good" debt. Contact me to find out why.

35 years experience in the financial services industry. Service is prompt & efficient. I have worked in Senior Management in New Zealand mainstream banks and have operated my finance and mortgage brokering business for over 10 years.
I like to build strong relationships with clients and provide quality advice, the right mortgage and at the right time. I am impartial & will offer guidance where requested.

I have a deep understanding of equity, leverage & mortgages which I am happy to share with my clients. Assisting clients with management of their credit profile is critical. In order to give clients the best possible opportunities to create wealth and build from that base, I strive to ensure that deals I am involved in are fair to all parties and sustainable. I have clients throughout New Zealand and in many overseas countries.

Memberships and Community Involvement:

PAA (NZMBA) – Member

SA Fin (Senior Associate FINSIA) (Financial Services Institiute of Australasia)
FINSIA upholds the highest ethical standards in Banking & Finance, has a high level educational role and is influential in assisting legislators put in place strong systems and procedures to make the industry safe and secure for all parties. Finsia holds regular professional events that helps individuals and member organisations maintain relevance in the changing markets and it also offers scholarships and undertakes research.

OMEGA – Loans to Business Programme
The last 15 years of my banking career was as a Business Manager in Business Banking. As part of my training I was exposed to the OMEGA programme which has provided me with such a strong background in the business field. This means that I am able to look at all manner of funding requirements for businesses and business owners and understand fully the implications for the people and the business of taking on new borrowing.

Investment Advisor
Some years ago I commenced (& passed) papers from Massey University towards an Investment Advisors qualification. Although I did not complete the qualification I have found that the knowledge gained has been very helpful in my current role where there is often a crossover between borrowing and investing.

Relationship Building
A key part of my banking & finance career has been focussed on building strong and mutually beneficial relationships with clients from all walks of life. My success as a banker relied heavily on meeting people and helping them achieve their goals.

Community involvement: 

I am an active member of the Sunrise Tauranga Rotary Club and enjoy the camraderie and community work undertaken by the club and the international projects undertaken by Rotary for the benefit of the world community.

Northern Districts’ Cricket Association
I served as a Board Member for Northern Districts’ Cricket Association for more than 10 years and have assisted many cricket people with their funding requirements.

Bay of Plenty Cricket Association
Past Chairman of the Bay of Plenty Cricket Association and a Board member since 1997. Many Bay of Plenty cricket people have m ade use of my services for their mortgage and finance business over a long time.

Bay of Plenty Cricket Trust
Trustee and Chairman of Bay Oval Trust (formerly the Bay of Plenty Cricket Trust)  that was formed to undertake the development of the new first class/international cricket venue in Mt Maunganui Tauranga.

I have a passion for cricket and sport in general. The benefits of sport within the community are numerous and providing the right environment for our young people to develop as individuals and display their talents within sport is an investment that is repaid many times over through the health and well being created.

Tauranga Citizens’ Club
I have been a member of this chartered club for almost 30 years. It has a membership of over 5,000 and many of the members are personal friends and clients that I have assisted over the years. I have been a sponsor at the club and I look forward to maintaining a strong connection with club members and assisting them with mortgage and equity release mortgages wherever appropriate.

Merivale Community Organisation Inc

Current Chairman of MCO. A community development organisation tasked with building sustainable and developing communities. Also currently working with a separate dedicated team to develop a new community centre to serve the needs of the Merivale and Gate Pa and Greerton Communities.

Business community involvement: 

Tauranga Chamber of Commerce
Membership (held through BOP Cricket) is valuable for maintaining strong ties throughout the business community. These ties are of great benefit in referring clients to the best service providers and in keeping in touch with the latest trends and developments.

Tauranga City Council/Western Bay of Plenty District Council
The development of the new cricket ground that I am involved with and other sporting organisations that I am a member of has meant that I have attended and presented at numerous council hearings. This has provided me with opprtunities to connect with the leaders of our community and to gain an in depth understanding of the current and future direction of the Western Bay of Plenty.

Professional Networks
Throughout my banking and finance career I have built long lasting relationships with law firms, accounting practices, valuer’s, surveyors, property inspectors, builders, real estate agents and property managers throughout the Bay of Plenty in particular but right across New Zealand. I work closely with these groups to ensure your purchase or refinance is as smooth and financially beneficial as possible. These networks definitely enhance the quality of service I am able to deliver to my clients.

Business Networks
I attend numerous business “After 5” gatherings and events. I consider that as a result I have a good understanding of what makes the community tick.

For me it is about building the relationship, doing the business to the best of my ability, keeping in touch with clients and as a result gaining their trust and confidence so much so that they refer new clients to me.

I do negotiate strongly on behalf of clients wherever possible and have empathy for the business owner and how the borrowing is going to sit within their overall cash cycle. I have a reputation for advocating very strongly for my clients.

Expatriates and offshore customers are often referred to me because of my experience and through using the internet and email and all forms of modern business communication. I also work with many recent immigrants to New Zealand who I enjoy helping to settle into their new surroundings. Connecting these new Kiwis with the right professionals is really satisfying.

Types of borrowers experienced in: 

First Home Buyers
First home buyers can often be confused at a time that should be a great event in their lives; there being a wide range of options and confusing signals from all the lenders clamouring for their business. My job is to simplify the process, work through any issues, get the best deal to meet the needs and take away any confusion. Many people are unaware that the services of a mortgage broker are free to the borrower for residential lending.
I know the lending process from beginning to end and can explain it in simple terms to first home buyers early in the process so they can focus on achieving that first step on the property ladder. I am also able to advise on the numerous ways of getting the required deposit together and how their deal will work best for them.

New Immigrants
New immigrants to New Zealand often face the same confusion as a new home buyer. Many New Zealanders are surprised to learn that mortgage and lending processes are vastly different here to what happens overseas. New borrowers need to be confident that they are in experienced hands and that what they want to do is valid in the local context and culture. Having spent some years overseas myself and being exposed to different processes and lending cultures has provided me with skills that I am able to use to assist new immigrant clients

Homeowner’s Refinancing
Clients wishing to refinance their mortgage from one lender to another are often unsure of how to go about the process and do not want to be embrolied in drawn out discussions with their current lender. We have a simple process and take care of all the negotiation/refinance requirements allowing the client to maintain their normal daily life without having to justify their reasons for requesting change. I can advise on the appropriate timing, the options available and make the process painless.

Homeowner’s seeking better interest rates or better borrowing structures
With busy 21st century lifestyles people are running short of time and do not challenge their lender to make sure that the best interest rate or loan structure is in place. Let us do this work for you. We have access to all the lenders interest rate schedules and their various lending products and can match client needs with the most appropriate products being offered in the market. Ensuring that the most relevant structure and interest rate regime is put in place can often benefit the client financially and proactively managing this for the client is a strength built up through many years experience

Residential Property Investors
Working with clients and their professionals to find the right loan/lender is something that I am well practised in. Through providing careful well researched advice I have helped many people achieve sigificant savings availble to them through investment property ownership. As prudent property investors will attest to it is critical to maintain the best practices possible in order to maximise profits and reduce costs.
I can complete an assessment of your current investment finance and after discussions with your other property professionals (accountant, financial planner, investment advisor, mentor, solicitor etc) work with you to maximise returns for the best outcome. I also enjoy connections with a wide group of specialists in investment property and I am happy to provide references to them wherever appropriate.

Commercial property investors and owners
Through my many years experience in Business Banking I have built up a healthy knowledge of the industry and established strong networks of specialists, each of whom are experts in their own field. Sourcing the best funding to meet the needs of the client or in some cases a specific property is a strength. I have access to banks and other competitive lenders and can find the right deal. Interest rate sensitivity is even more critical for commercial borrowers and I understand the risks that owners face. My knowledge and experience in dealing with financial reports and cash flow statements ensures that your deal is seen in the best possible light.

Self employed borrowers
Approximately 40% of my clients are self employed and I have extensive experience in placing their borrowing into the most appropriate lender & product. There are special elements to provide for with self employed borrowers and the lenders need to know this at the outset so that the right deal is written. Depending on the overall business funding I can usually achieve a better outcome for the client than had they gone directly to the bank themselves.

Rural property owners
Lending to the rural sector is somewhat specialised but I have many years experience across a wide range of farming and horticulture sectors. I am well connected with key lending personnel amongst all the banks and non bank lenders and can package deals appropriately and then place the business with the best fit for the situation. In most instances the banks will meet my costs in doing this work but if they do not then I always discuss this aspect with my clients before committing to the work.

Lifestyle Property Owners
As a former lifestyle block property owner myself I am aware of the issues faced and the funding requirements that go with these properties. Where there is any reliance placed upon the income that may be generated by the property then great care needs to be exercised to ensure that the income is sustainable over the long run.

The ageing demographic of the New Zealand population means that more than ever before some of our senior citizens need to access some of the equity in their residential property. I have assisted many senior couples and individuals and I advocate strongly for my clients to use products that are endorsed by SHERPA (Safe Home Equity Release Plans Association) who are dedicated to the protection of equity release borrowers. I am an accreditted Adviser for the main lenders in this segment of the market.

Bridging Loans
There are times when clients require bridging loans to cover purchase costs of a new property pending sale or settlement of another. I have handled many such transactions and clients can be confident that we will find the right deal for them.

Business Borrowing
In New Zealand most businesses are financed in whole or in part by inclusion of their residential property in the security for their business financing. There are times when the lenders are not applying the best possible interest rates to this lending and if you think that this is the case for your borrowing then I can help assess your unique circumstances and quickly advise you if you are being treated fairly. Following that if there needs to be a renegotiation with your current lender or a refinance of your requirements to another lender then I can also assist you with this.

Asset Financing
Through my contacts in the Finance industry I am able to source competitive and simple to arrange funding for vehicles of all types and for plant and equipment. The main players in this part of the market tend to pick and choose the assets they are prepared to fund leaving good clients with few alternatives. We can help with all loan types and across numerous asset classes.

We are happy to support all loan types. However the changing credit world has meant that some clients are now faced with loan facilities that will not be able to be refinanced without considerable difficulty. In this category are many of the non-conforming loan types and so called “Low Doc” loans. We will assist you by providing a quick assessment of your loans and advise the most appropriate course of action. You can expect an honest appraisal and genuinely helpful advice.

I like to work with genuine hardworking people with strong values who will benefit through using what I offer.

Geographic radius preference:

I am based in the Tauranga region and have a strong focus on clients in Otumoetai, Brookfield, Bellevue, Bethlehem, Matua, The Avenues, Greerton, Pyes Pa, Maungatapu, Welcome Bay, Te Puna, Omokoroa, Katikati, Waihi Beach, Mount Maunganui, Papamoa, Te Puke, and I also have clients in Rotorua, Hamilton, Cambridge, Auckland, Wellington, Nelson, Blenheim, Christchurch, Timaru Oamaru, Queenstown, Wanaka, Dunedin, Invercargill & overseas.

I welcome clients from elsewhere in the Bay of Plenty, Waikato, Auckland and the entire country who would like to receive the care and attention I offer.

Sandra M. Katikati (Rural/Horticultural property owner)
I’ve been meaning to write and thank you for your help in securing the loans, I appreciate the time and effort put in to generate a resolution.

Neal B. Bethlehem (Business operator and director of new start up venture)
We have appreciated having an independent view from you and have taken your advice on board. The house is now on the market!! This will allow us to take the burden of the existing mortgage out of the picture and we can continue looking for a more suitable property. We would apprciate your help again after the sale of the house. Once again many thanks.

Sally A. The Avenues, Tauranga (Business operator and property owner)
Over the past 10 years you have made a wonderful contribution to my property dealings whether providing mortgage funding for existing properties or construction funding for new properties. I am very happy to recommend your services to future customers. They are in good hands and will benefit greatly through your long experience in the financial services industry and through your wide network of contacts.

Peter G. Mount Maunganui (Builder, Property owner)
We have known Chris for over 15 years during which time he has become a trusted financial adviser. He is always professional in his dealings and his experience in the industry really counts when it matters. He has always advocated strongly for us and provided sound financial advice. We have made great progress in recent years and this is due in no small part to Chris. We know that he will continue to provide first class service to all of his customers.

Mike M Katikati (Company Director/Business owner/property investor)
Chris Rapson has been a good friend and financial sounding board for at least 25 years. With more than 35 years experince in banking and finance he has wonderful background knowledge that is a huge asset when it comes to assessing each unique situation and in providing meaningful advice to his customers on the various options open to them. Apart from providing first class service Chris looks to maintain and enhance his business relationships at every opportunity; something which is beneficial to Chris and his clients alike. Chris has recently handled a complex and large refinancing deal for us that required great care and a good understanding of the issues involved. The transaction was completed without fuss and has provided the right outcome for us. We look forward to doing more business with Chris and his team in the future.

Although I am based in Tauranga I am able to help with mortgage & finance advice and assistance anywhere in New Zealand. Tauranga is a great place to do business and to operate from but I have lived in many regions & cities in New Zealand and have a good working knowledge of the pitfalls possible in all markets.

Q Qualifications & Experience

SA Fin (Senior Associate Financial Services Institute of Australasia), Registered Financial Advisor, Member of the New Zealand Mortgage Brokers Association

Q Service/Product Offerings

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