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The one-call solution for collision repair

We know that getting your car back on the road again after a car accident can be a time consuming and frustrating experience. Crash Management Services will lead you through that maze, ensure first-class automotive collision repairs, remove the hassles, keep you mobile and get your car back on the road fast. And best of all – our service is completely free of charge to you.

Crash Management provides a unique premium service in accident management & collision repair and is available 24/7 on 0800 2CRASH (0800 227274). We provide our customers with a superior service experience, with a focus on quality, convenience and seamless mobility. You can expect:
• FREE late-model courtesy cars & vans, in most locations
• FREE pick-up/delivery, from your home or office
• FREE car valet at completion
• Web-based auto job management system
• Multiple automotive repair locations throughout New Zealand
• Time-off-the-road minimised
• Workmanship guaranteed for life

You can access our free service regardless of which company your car is insured with. In accordance with the terms of your auto insurance policy, the choice of repairer is yours and all good NZ insurance companies neither direct nor restrict customer choice. We can assist with all car and light commercial vehicle types too, whether company or privately owned, or leased

Crash Management won the prestigious Insurance Awards in 2009 for Innovation of the Year. We’re proud of this achievement and know it will provide our customers with an even greater level of confidence in our service. We have the expertise and independence required to ensure quality customer care and high technical standards for car accident repairs. Our service is provided to you free of charge, with no hidden fees, contracts, or obligations – we do all the work for you, and save you time, stress and money.

Forget the 'lucky-dip' approach to selecting a quality “panelbeater”. Our industry expertise and established relationships ensure you receive first-class service. Our customers receive instant response and priority car crash repairs.   Our reputation is a direct result of our uncompromised focus on customer satisfaction – but don't just take our word for it, see what our customers are saying about us in the Testimonials section below. You can also view our ratings on the consumer protection site: www.nocowboys.co.nz.

Web-based auto job management system
We utilise a secure on-line auto job management programme for your convenience, this improves communications between all parties and allows you to check your vehicle’s progress and target completion date at any time. The system is simple to navigate and easy to use. You receive an automated email alert with your log-in name and password immediately, so that you have full and complete information in real-time.

Who are we?
The Crash Management team includes consultants with trade-based motor vehicle experience including collision repair, structural/ chassis straightening and paint re-finishing. We have the technical expertise to ensure convenient and professional vehicle repairs, and leverage our industry relationships to make the entire process painless and 'hassle-free' for our customers. Our nationwide motor vehicle repair network includes I-Car trained technicians and certified Structural Repair Centres (SRC). They are accepted by all major insurance companies and many are also MTA members and/or AA affiliated.

What do we do?
Our service links seamlessly with insurance companies and brokers to extend the scope and level of service provided to you when car accidents happen. We turn an unpleasant situation into a superior service experience for vehicle repairs. Our service is provided at no charge to you and ensures you receive first-class accident management and repair service that will save you time, stress and money, including:
1. No inconvenience
2. Your vehicle is picked up from you today, at no charge to you
3. A courtesy car is delivered to you today, at no charge to you
4. You receive full and accurate expert advice on claims, assessing, vehicle repair  procedures and time expectations
5. You receive pro-active progress reports and target completion date updates
6. The value and safety of your vehicle is protected because it is returned to pre-accident condition by repairing to manufacturers' specifications, using international best-practice vehicle repairs and the most up to date technology available
7. Your motor vehicle’s time-off-the-road is minimised
8. You receive an unconditional Workmanship Guarantee
9. Your vehicle receives a car valet at completion, at no charge to you
10. Your vehicle is re-delivered to you promptly, at no charge to you
11. You have total peace-of-mind knowing that your vehicle repairs are being managed by professionals
12. Our carefully selected repair service providers are subject to our rigorous TQM audit process annually

Why do you need us?
The car accident repair process can be time-consuming and frustrating. Have you got the time to put the jig-saw puzzle together? You've probably got better things to do than trying to lucky-guess a quality panelbeater, booking the job, delivering the car, arranging lifts and alternative transport, monitoring the claim and repair process, inspecting completed repairs, cleaning out a dusty/dirty car, negotiating rectifications and starting the whole process over again if you’re not entirely happy with the result…
Technical capability and service standards vary significantly, from 5-star to no-star – can you tell the difference? A poor choice could have serious consequences for the safety and value of your vehicle.

When are we available?
Assistance is provided 24/7 on 0800 2CRASH.

Where are we?
0800 2CRASH is a nationwide service and our vehicle repair network covers the entire country, so we can provide full accident management and collision repairs throughout New Zealand. Our salvage/towing facility guarantees 100% service coverage anywhere, anytime. A full description of coverage is at the bottom of this page.

Do we have the capability to serve commercial fleets? – Yes we do!
Crash Management Services provides independent accident management & collision repair services to fleets of all sizes, as well as serving selected insurance brokers throughout New Zealand. A small sample of references is provided on our Testimonials page at www.crashmanagement.co.nz. We have been providing superior service to New Zealand fleets since 2004 including local government, the Not-For-Profit sector, corporate businesses and car leasing firms.
Our value proposition is simple – professional fleet management saves clients time, stress and money. Accident and collision repair administration is time-consuming and requires specialised expertise to ensure technical and customer service quality. It is a non-core activity for most businesses that consumes non-productive time, so is an obvious out-sourcing opportunity for all fleets. Our business model is our most significant point of difference as the service offering is completely free of charge to the client, insurance broker and insurance company.


The rate of change within the motor vehicle industry over the past 20 years has been extraordinary. Cars are no longer large, heavy, basic or forgiving. Accident repair technology and methodology has evolved faster in that period than its entire 100 year history combined.
Late-model vehicles are designed and built to very high levels of specification, performance and complexity. Adjustment and tolerance margins are critical. Professional motor vehicle accident management ensures superior cost-effective results.
The top performing service providers within the collision repair market must have significant and continuous investment in facilities, technology, equipment, training and customer service. The Crash Management network meets and exceeds these standards.
You can expect:
1. Computer-based collision repair estimating; accurate, definitive, and transparent
2. Technologically advanced repair equipment, ensuring accuracy and correct repair methodology of all steel types including structural components.
3. Advanced chassis straightening equipment, ensuring alignment and steering is reinstated to manufacturers specifications.
4. Computerised link to paint manufacturer and colour formulas, ensuring precise matching.
5. State-of-the-art baking ovens, ensuring temperature, environmental and safety controls. Noise, dust, fumes and toxic waste contained and eliminated, or reduced to regulatory standards.
6. Quality control checks at each milestone point within the repair process and of course comprehensive quality inspection on completion, ensures defect-free delivery.
7. Independent motor vehicle accident management provides you with an unconditional guarantee, ensuring total peace-of-mind in the unlikely event of delayed fault detection, including any aspect of paint finish, component fitment and/or operation, alignment, and the ever elusive mystery 'rattle' or 'squeak'

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Doesn't my Insurance Company direct me to a repairer?
No. Whilst some insurance companies do have repairers they can recommend, the insured’s right to choose will always be upheld. This includes your right to choose the services of an independent car accident management firm. We link seamlessly with insurance companies and insurance brokers, without duplication or conflict. No insurer or individual repair shop can compete with Crash Management's level or scope of service, or the quality and convenience of our delivery.

2. Do I lose my insurance company guarantee if I don’t use one of their recommended repairers?
First and foremost you are very well protected by the Consumer Guarantees Act. The panelbeater must guarantee all workmanship, and Crash Management will enforce and manage this process on your behalf. The repairer is also an insurance company’s first line of guarantee. In the unlikely event that an unsolvable fault or complaint results from one of our repairers, our guarantee is for life ownership. This is backed by our NZI Professional Indemnity insurance policy that covers all collision repairs managed by us. At the completion of repairs our customers receive a comprehensive Warranty Assurance document. In the event of any fault or oversight, we encourage customers to contact us in the first instance so that we can manage any remedial work, minimise inconvenience and time-off-the-road.

3. Doesn't the tow truck driver/company direct me to a repairer?
No. The tow truck driver and/or company has no automatic right to arrange collision repairs on your vehicle, and has no right to pressure you into handing over control of your vehicle repair to them. Their function is simply to arrange safe removal and temporary storage of an immobilised vehicle.

4. How does my vehicle get from the tow-truck company to a Crash Management service provider?
Our car accident management service is very comprehensive, we will manage all arrangements on your behalf and arrange settlement of any towage/storage account for you.

5. Will my vehicle ever be the same again?
Yes. Our repairers have been carefully selected against rigorous performance standards in technical capability, facility specification, quality control and customer satisfaction. Very simply, they are the best in the business. Using international best-practice processes and the most up-to-date equipment, your collision repairs will be completed precisely to manufacturers' specifications, from structural (chassis and wheel alignment), to componentry, to paint finish. Safety and quality is the primary focus and will not be compromised.

6. Doesn't an auto accident lower the value of my vehicle?
Cheap and/or poor quality collision repairs will certainly lower the value of your vehicle. Poor quality auto body repairs can also result in unidentified hidden damage, consequential and/or premature failures of associated components including excessive tyre wear. Needless to say, poor quality collision repairs pose serious safety concerns which may not be identified until your next WOF test – by then it may be too late. Poor paint colour matching is the most visible, but the least of your worries with poor quality collision repair.

7. How can Crash Management's service be free and who really pays for it?
Our service is completely free of charge to customers, insurance brokers and all insurance companies. We partner with the collision repair industry and qualifying repairers fund our service in the same manner that insurance companies pay an insurance broker’s management fee. Similarly, there is no extra charge to the customer and of course the insurance companies’ own assessors ensure no extra costs are incurred by them.

8. How does Crash Management Services identify and select high quality repairers?
Our significant expertise in the collision repair industry has resulted in a highly effective nationwide network. We’ve secured the support of the best repairers by insisting on Collision Repair Association certified Structural Repair Centres (SRC’s). This ensures technical standards are maintained in accordance with manufacturers’ specifications and international best-practice. This is supported by the high customer service standards detailed in our service level agreements with repairers. We also work with insurance company ‘preferred repairers’ wherever this includes SRC’s and results in the best solution for customers.

Testimonials (Note: any references to Crash Brokers Ltd pre-date the company name change to Crash Management Services in 2009)

My wife called Crash Brokers immediately after a serious smash and they helped her through the post accident process, it was easy to get hold of Crash Brokers, they took all the stress away and were very clear and so willing to help. The car was collected from her work and dropped off looking better than normal, with a good quality courtesy car. The web tracking, fast repair and service was impressive and we didn’t need to deal with a panelbeater at all – and it’s all free! A week later someone crashed into our company car. I called Crash Brokers straight away and they made the entire process fast, seamless and totally hassle free. I don't understand how they do it but it's a fantastic service that I would highly recommend to anyone. Just call and it will all be sorted.
Sean Ryan, Finance Manager, NAVMAN LTD

The service we received from Crash Brokers was exemplary, it can not be faulted and deserves recognition through passing the value of your services on through word of mouth. A job well done, many thanks, Crash Brokers have my sincere appreciation.
Martin J. Robins, Director, Young & Robins Limited

We have used Crash Brokers’ fleet services since 2004 and have found them professional, user-friendly and proactive. We work closely with Crash Brokers to ensure our clients have access to the service when car accidents happen. We have no hesitation in recommending their NZ-wide panelbeating services to any potential alliance partner or client.
Sandy Morrison, MD, Lease Car Ltd

We have had the pleasure of dealing with Crash Brokers since 2005. Dealing with them is as easy as sending a few details by email and Crash Brokers manage everything from that point. As such, our operation is never compromised and our vehicle is returned clean & tidy, and good as new. The quality of customer service is the best I have ever known and I cannot recommend Crash Brokers highly enough.
Vic De Bettencor, Director, Quinovic Property Management

REINZ is constantly looking for quality products and services for our members. Our criteria are always strict in that we want to work with suppliers who are innovative, competitive and customer-driven. Crash Brokers is all of these. Crash Brokers already have many very satisfied customers within the Real Estate industry and provide an excellent service. If you want to save time, stress and money, REINZ highly recommends Crash Brokers to you
Theo Simeonidis, Member Services Manager, REINZ

My BMW recently required the services of a panelbeater and I’m very fussy about who looks after it. I was more than impressed with Crash Brokers service and the quality of panel work. The customer service and follow-up was fantastic and my car has never looked better.
Debra Northmore, CEO, WordDial NZ Ltd

I knew about Crash Brokers through the NZICA LifeStyles Benefits programme. Crashbrokers took over the admin of getting my panel beating organised and regularly updated me with the relevant details. My damaged car was picked up from my workplace and replaced with a late-model courtesy car. It was then returned a few days later in perfect condition with panelbeating & valet completed. I would recommend Crashbrokers to all who have suffered a similar misfortune as they make what could easily be a time consuming, frustrating experience a very easy & satisfying one.
Andrea Clark, Accountant, Hewlitt Packard

After receiving the Crash Brokers' brochure from the Auckland District Law Society I contacted them for assistance with my car. I received a response to my email within minutes and they went out of their way to assist. I was very impressed and I’m glad the ADLS has established a relationship with them.
Jenni Smith, Barrister

We have used Crash Brokers a number of times. Their professionalism has assisted us through the smash repair process and their ability to manage the repair from start to finish means that management’s involvement is minimal. The experience has been so good in the Auckland area that I have distributed Crash Brokers VIP Customer cards to our drivers throughout the country. Using Crash Brokers to manage our car accidents and general panel beating frees up management time for more productive activities, and we are more than satisfied with the outcome. I would recommend Crash Brokers to any organisation.
Peter Treacy, Commerce & Operations Manager, Energizer NZ Ltd

Crash Brokers take the hassle and stress away when car accidents happen or general panel beating is required. Crash Brokers is innovative and adapt to our particular requirements. The time and resources that Crash Brokers has saved our company and the peace of mind they provide is invaluable. The service is professional, eliminates business interruption, and turn-around and panelbeating results are excellent. Customer service is helpful and prompt and they always have a solution to resolve any difficulty.
Geoff Bullen, Manager, URGENT COURIERS

We found Crash Brokers’ service to be exemplary – fast, professional, efficient and with great follow-up. Late model courtesy vehicles are always provided, we are kept aware of progress throughout and our cars are delivered back to us fully groomed. We would definitely use Crash Brokers again rather than a panelbeater.
Kerry Kirwan, MD, Kirwan Consulting

The service is a gem and this sort of follow-up is exactly why I deal with Crash Brokers for our panelbeating and smash repairs!
Bill Frost, MD, Magnum Security Ltd

Crash Brokers has been providing a fantastic service to our clients, a service which has been missing from the insurance industry for some time. Clients are taken away from having to deal direct with panel beaters, they get their car repaired, a replacement vehicle to use, a quality inspection completed and the vehicle delivered back to them in the quickest time possible, and with the least amount of inconvenience using the Crash Broker repair network – and all this is FREE! The client and brokers alike are kept informed throughout the repair process and Crash Brokers are happy to work in with the underwriters and their assessing requirements. I would recommend this service to everyone, from a sole trader to fleet managers.
Paula Mills, Administration Manager, Apex General Limited

We really appreciate Crash Brokers’ service. All the clients we have referred to them have commented that it has made the process so much easier and it certainly makes our motor vehicle claims processing much simpler. From the moment we call Crash Brokers we’re kept closely in touch regarding all arrangements for our client including assessing, panelbeating, courtesy car delivery etc. Now that the service has gone national it means we can offer a seamless motor vehicle claims service to all our clients throughout NZ. We extend our thanks to the Crash Brokers team.
John Barley, MD, Barley Insurances Ltd

We have been impressed with Crash Brokers prompt service and communications between all parties and their service is free to the insured, broker and insurance company. We consider this to be an excellent opportunity for all three parties. The service is accepted by the underwriters we work with, mainly Axiom, NZI, Lumley and QBE as it provides added value. Our clients are delighted to have a late-model courtesy car and all comments have been complimentary towards Crash Brokers and the panelbeating results they provide. We have no hesitation in recommending their service.
Pam Tinley, Claims Advisor, ACM Insurance Group

We have a number of clients in the health sector. Their community activities are very dependent on their vehicle fleets and when the inevitable car accidents occur the seamless service that Crash Brokers offers has proved invaluable not the least the guarantee of a late-model courtesy vehicle whilst repairs take place. The feedback so far has been nothing but praise.
Kevin Allen, MD, Insurance Consultants Limited

We have utilized the services of Crash Brokers for the past few months and have found the service exceptional and adds true value to scope of services, we recommend them 100%.
Paul Robinson, RIS/Trafalgar Insurance Brokers

Thank you for this – it’s a wonderful service.
Harvey Kerr, Broker, Auckland Insurance Ltd

We have recommended the Crash Brokers service to our clients as a hassle free way of attending to panel beating repairs following a collision. The feedback we have received from our client’s has been very positive as they have been able to continue with their day to day business rather than having to spend a lot of time dealing with panel beaters. Our clients have expressed their appreciation for being able to deal with the professional service provided by Crash Brokers and as such we will continue to recommend this service to our client’s. We have noticed in using Crash Brokers our clients receive the highest level of service and the administration of motor vehicle insurance claims is somewhat streamlined with the Insured suffering a minimal of inconvenience.
Norm Hunter, Claims Manager, Herbert Insurance Group

We have no hesitation in recommending Crash Brokers to assist our clients with smash repairs, and have only had a positive response from them. Each event has been dealt with promptly, efficiently and in a friendly but professional manner. All in all making it less stressful for both the client and the broker.
David Parker, MD, Executive Insurance Services Ltd

Since introducing Crashbrokers to our client base our customers have been thrilled by the prompt and efficient service they have provided. Highly recommended alternative to dealing with a panel beater.
Dawn Hutchison, Trevor Strong Insurances Ltd

What we like most about the Crash Brokers service is that it is totally focused towards customer satisfaction. This service can not be faulted. It takes away every concern that a client has following a car smash: Will my vehicle be repaired properly? Will it be clean when I get it back? Will I be able to get a loan vehicle while mine is off the road? With Crash Brokers, the answer is YES – every time. We’ve used the service ourselves, and it’s great! We highly recommend it.
Neil S Bailey, MD, Baileys Insurance Brokers Limited

We have been recommending Crash Brokers to our clients over the past 12 months and have been delighted with the prompt, friendly and efficient way in which our clients have been assisted with panel damage repairs. Our clients have been very impressed. The communication updates provided to ourselves and clients are very helpful. The service certainly minimises the stress and inconvenience through the misfortune of having a motor accident. We have no hesitation in recommending Crash Brokers to our clients.
Peter Muys, MD, South Pacific Insurance Bureau Ltd

List of cities/suburbs and towns served by Crash Management Services

NORTHLAND: Kaitia, Kerikeri, Kaikohe


AUCKLAND: Albany, Arch Hill , Avondale , Balmoral, Bayswater, Beach Haven, 
 Belmont, Birkdale, Birkenhead, Blockhouse Bay, Botany Downs, Browns Bay , Bucklands Beach, Burswood, Campbells Bay, Castor Bay, City (CBD), Clendon, Clover Park, Cockle Bay, Conifer Grove, Dannemora, Devonport, Donegal Park,
East Tamaki, Eastern Beach, Eden Terrace, Edgewater, Ellerslie, Epsom, Farm Cove, Favona, Flat Bush, Forrest Hill, Freemans Bay, Glen Eden, Glen Innes, Glendene, Glendowie, Glenfield, Glenvar , Goodwood Heights, Grafton, Green Bay
Greenhithe, Greenlane, Grey Lynn, Half Moon Bay, Hauraki, Henderson, Herne Bay,  
Highland Park, Hillcrest , Hillsborough, Hobsonville, Homai, Howick, Karaka Park,  
Kelston, Kingsland, Kohimarama, Leabank, Lincoln, Long Bay, Lynfield, Mairangi Bay, Mangere, Mangere East, Mangere Bridge, Manukau, Manurewa, Massey ,
mcLaren Park, Meadowbank, Mellons Bay, Middlemore, Milford, Mission Bay, Morningside, Mt Albert, Mt Eden, Mt Roskill, Mt Wellington, Murrays Bay, New Lynn, New Windsor, Newmarket, North Harbour, Northcote, Northcross, One Tree Hill, Onehunga, Opaheke, Orakei, Oranga, Oratia, Otahuhu, Otara, Owairaka, 
Pakuranga, Panmure, Papakura, Papatoetoe, Parnell, Penrose, Pinehill, Point, England, Ponsonby, Pt Chevalier , Ranui, Red Hill, Remuera, Rosehill, Rothesay Bay, Royal Heights, Royal Oak, Sandringham, Shelly Park, South Epsom, Southdown, St Heliers, St Johns, St Lukes , St Marys Bay, Stanley Bay, Sunny Hills, Sunnybrae,
Sunnynook, Sunnyvale, Takanini, Takapuna, Tamaki, Te Atatu, Te Papapa, Three Kings, Titirangi, Torbay, Totara Heights, Unsworth Heights , Waiake, Waikowhai,
Wai-o-Taiki Bay, Waterview, Wattle Downs, Wesley, West Harbour, Western Heights, Western Springs, Westfield, Westmere, Weymouth, Wiri

























WELLINGTON: Upper Hutt, Lower Hutt, Petone, Johnsonville, Wellington Central, Berhampore, Brooklyn, Churton Park, Glenside, Happy Valley, Hataitai, Island Bay, Karori, Kelburn, Khandallah, Kilbirnie, Lyall Bay, Miramar, Mt Cook, Mt Victoria, Newlands, Newtown, Ngaio, Northland, Oriental Bay, Rongatai, Seatoun, Te Aro, Thorndon, Wilton






CHRISTCHURCH: Mairehau; Shirley; Richmond; Avonside; Linwood; Woolston; Opawa; Waltham; Sydenham; Spreydon; Addington; Riccarton; Ilam; Fendalton; Bryndwr; Merivale; Papanui; St. Albans. Burwood; Parklands; Waimairi Beach; Avondale; New Brighton; Bexley; Aranui; South Brighton; Southshore; Bromley; Redcliffs; Sumner; Ferrymead; Heathcote Valley; Huntsbury; Cashmere; Westmorland; Hoon Hay; Halswell; Oaklands; Wigram; Sockburn; Hornby; Islington; Yaldhurst; Russley; Avonhead; Harewood; Bishopdale; Casebrook; Redwood








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Vehicle manufacturer preferred, Insurance Innovation of the Yr 2009, Insurance company preferred, Insurance broker preferred, Collision Repair Assn member

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